Lip Fillers


Lip augmentation and reshaping treatments are doctor-only performed at Dermace Laser Clinic. Results depend on the injector, the quality of the product, and the technique of injection. We are proud providers of the most professional procedures using the highest quality products. Book your complimentary assessment session now to find out how our expert medical team can help enhance your natural beauty.

One of the most popular treatment areas for people of all ages are the lips. Whether you're looking to add volume, reshape, or redefine the lips, we can help. With age, our lips can get thinner due to a reduction in collagen production. To reverse this effect, many turn to lip fillers as a solution to boost collagen production and make their lips look fuller and more youthful. 

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What's the difference between Botox and Fillers?

Botox is a great choice for hitting those "crease points" where muscles contract like the forehead wrinles and frown lines. It can also be used for excessive sweating, tmj, and migraines. Fillers, on the other hand, are best for deep lines that are present even when facial muscles are not contracting. They fill in and add volume, soften wrinkles and add definition to areas being injected like the lips and marionette lines.

How often do I have to maintain fillers?

In general, fillers are done every 6-12 months, depending on the product used and the area being treated. Each cosmetic injectable treatment plan is customized in accordance with your specific lifestyle and needs.

Is it painful?

Topical numbing cream is applied to ensure comfort. Also, many products are packaged with numbing solution mixed into them.

Who will be injecting me?

As a leading expert in injectables for facial rejuvenation, Dr. Leonardo personally performs all injection procedures himself. Dr. Leonardo utilizes revolutionary FDA approved products to provide natural refreshed results that allow his patients' own beauty to shin, without appearing "done" or artificial.