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Missed your Laser Hair Removal treatment due to Lockdown? What Now?

Don't worry.

It’s ok if you missed a couple of laser hair removal sessions. Here's why...

First, let's understand how laser hair removal works?

Laser hair removal sends heat down the hair shaft to the hair follicle under the skin.

Consequently, the follicle is no longer able to produce hair.

Hair growth cycle

Not all hair grows at the same time - some will be in the growth phase and some will be falling out.

In order for us to kill the hair follicle, it needs to be in its Anagen (growth) phase.

Given that our hair is always in different phases of growth, that is why more than one hair removal session is needed

Multiple laser treatments are required

More specifically, at least 6-8 sessions are recommended with treatments every 4 to 6 weeks.

Typically, the new hair growth phase starts every 4 to 6 weeks and that's the period when laser hair removal is most effective.

What can you do at home during lockdown?

Shave regularly the week before your next scheduled treatment.

Shaving regularly will stimulate hair growth and help to ensure that there is more hair in the growth phase during your next laser hair removal appointment.

Once you are able to come back for treatment...

We will start from where we left off and catch that new growth phase every time.

Note that those who have gone through a laser treatment prior to our first lockdown have come back for a follow up treatment, and have quickly seen the results bounce back to what they were & even better!

Thanks to our top of the line laser technology, Soprano Ice Platinum, you'll be hairless in no time!

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