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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

Microblading | Powder Brows


For any woman or man that wants to simplify their daily routine and have low maintenance, beautiful, and natural looking brows. Time to put down the brow pencil.

simona microblading artist

Microblading Artist - Simona @browsbysimona

3x Certified and trained by Canada's top artists, Simona is an experienced Microblading expert who specializes in combination brows, Ombre and Microshading. A graduate of Natural Look Academy and Brow Beaute Academy, Simona carries a passion for beauty and an exceptional eye for detail and design - this led her to pursue the artistic path of eyebrow microblading. Hand picked by Tania Todd herself among many graduates of Natural Look Academy, Simon advanced her skills in creating natural looking semi-permanent eyebrows by pursuing and mastering techniques such as Ombre, Microshading and Combination Brows.


Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that uses a fine blade to place semi-permanent pigment into the surface of the skin. The effect very closely mimics the look and detail of actual brow hairs, creating a bolder, natural-looking brow. This procedure does not require a tattoo gun and is quite different from a traditional tattoo in terms of procedure, permanency, colour, detail, and overall look.


Microshading and ombré shading is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure where it uses a needle that places semi-permanent pigment in the upper layer of skin in a stippling technique either manually or via machine. The overall look of the eyebrows once it has healed is more of a filled-in make-up look compared to the hair-like look of microblading. If you have an oilier skin type, you may prefer this look, and it will be more ideal for longer-lasting and healed results.


Combination brows combine microblading and ombré shading together -giving you the best of both worlds. Usually microblading is completed at the fronts of the brows to keep it looking more hair-like and wispy, and ombré shading is completed in the middle of the brows to the tails to keep the shape looking defined and more filled-in. Usually if your skin-type is more oily, this method is great for longer-lasting and better healed results.

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If you are unsure which technique will be betters suitable to achieve your brow goals, please email us a picture of your current brows to for our professional opinion.

Post-Care Instructions


Tatyana G.

I wanted to make my life easier and Simona did just that. I no longer have to draw my eyebrows in and spend a long time trying to get them to look even and natural. Simona was very patient and took the time to make sure that I am happy with my new and effortless eyebrows. She is very professional and takes the time to explain everything during and after the appointment with her. I recommended her already (and continue to do that) to many of my girlfriends and strongly believe that she is one of the best out there. I’d highly recommend Dermace Laser Clinic & Simona for all your brow needs!


I wish I can give Simona a ten star review. If you are like me and are very scare ( at first) of getting micro blading/micro shading done and are especially picky about getting it done right by a professional, look no further. I promise you will not be disappointed. Simona is the most professional and experience person you will want to do your brows. She will work with you until you are completely satisfied.I saw her a little over a year and wanted to a touch before my vacation. I couldn’t be happier. Wow wow. I am so incredibly happy with my brows. Thank you so much Simona.


Share the amazing things Simona is the real deal! If you're researching and looking for a sign, here it is! THIS IS YOUR SIGN! Simona is a true brow pro. She has a natural talent and is a perfectionist. She won't let you walk out that door until everything is as flawless as can be. I had my brows done 5+ years ago from a very well known and loved artist that many look up to, (before the microblading world took over) and I was WAY more happier with Simona's work than what I had back then. Me being down this road before, knowing more than your average person, I'm very happy and glad that I gave Simona a chance and trusted her with my face. My brows are on point and I will definitely be going back to her. Trust her. No matter what your concern is or what your current brow situation is, she's got you!!!




Includes initial consultation, brow mapping, 2 treatments (4-8 weeks apart) & post care.

Powder Brows


Includes initial consultation, brow mapping, 2 treatments (4-8 weeks apart) & post care.

Combination Brows


Includes initial consultation, brow mapping, 2 treatments (4-8 weeks apart) & post care.

Touch Up

$250 +

Includes consultation, brow mapping, one touch up treatment & post care. This can only be booked for existing Microblading clients up to 12 months after their last treatment.



Microbladed brows will vary from patient to patient, but will typically last anywhere from 9 to 18 months. With the addition of colour refresh touch ups, the brows will look very crisp and precise from 12-18 months after the initial procedure.


During the initial consultation, we’ll work one-on-one with you to ensure that we match the right eyebrow shape and color that best suits your individual features, needs and expectations. When everything is ready to go, a topical anesthetic will be applied to the area to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. Once the procedure is complete, you may have temporary minor redness and swelling. This will go down in a day or so, depending on the patient. Healing takes approximately 7-14 days and the skin will heal over the tattoo pigment during this time.
Following the first procedure the colour of the new brow will look very dark, this will soften as it heals over and the brows will fade 40-50% after the first appointment. The most important thing is to follow your aftercare instructions that will be given to you at your appointment to ensure proper healing.
A follow up will be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks following the first procedure. During this visit, pigment is added and brows are touched up made to perfect the shape of the new brows.

How long does the procedure take? Is it painful?

The Microblading procedure usually takes about 2 - 2.5 hours. This time includes the consultation, topical numbing application, string brow mapping, and then the actual procedure. It is virtually painless so you will not need to pre-numb the brows. Instead, we will numb them with a topical cream at your appointment.

Can I bring photos with me to show what I like?

Absolutely! We encourage clients to bring in some photos of how they prefer their brows to look, whether it be the way that they themselves fill in them or someone else's brows!

What is the cost?

The price ranges between $525 to $600 depending on what technique is used. This includes the initial procedure as well as the follow up.

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