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Explore our clinic's cutting-edge techniques featuring Soprano Titanium and Soprano Ice Platinum technology, specifically designed to target and manage unwanted hair growth caused by PCOS. Rediscover your confidence as we work together to achieve smoother, hair-free skin tailored to your unique needs.

The Most Ideal Solution for PCOS

Get the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve been wanting by permanently reducing polycystic ovarian syndrome hair growth with laser hair removal. Dermace Laser & Skin Clinic provides a permanent solution to the constant problem of unwanted body hair, painful razor burn, and ingrown hairs. We do this by offering the most advanced, award-winning laser hair removal system, Soprano Ice Platinum by Alma lasers. This ground-breaking technology features trio-clustered technology, and is used by advanced hair removal clinics and leading physicians around the world.

What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that affects many aspects of a person's health, including their skin. One common symptom of PCOS is hirsutism, or excess hair growth, which can be distressing for many individuals. Laser hair removal offers a safe and effective solution for managing unwanted hair growth caused by PCOS. In this guide, we'll explore how laser hair removal works, its benefits for individuals with PCOS, and what to expect from the treatment process.

Hirsutism and PCOS: Hirsutism is a condition characterized by excessive hair growth in areas where men typically grow hair, such as the face, chest, and back. In individuals with PCOS, hirsutism is often caused by elevated levels of androgens (male hormones) such as testosterone. This excess hair growth can be distressing and affect self-esteem and confidence.

Why Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Hair Removal?

The Soprano Ice Platinum laser system combines three laser wavelengths into a single applicator simultaneously treating different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicles. By combining the absorption and penetration levels of three different wavelengths, along with the treatment coverage and comfort of the diode laser, Soprano  Platinum achieves the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment available today.It also allows you to treat the widest range of skin tones and hair types quickly and painlessly, all year round.

The Soprano Platinum offers  three  wavelengths for hair removal:

  • Alex Technology: 755nm wavelength offers powerful energy absorption making it ideal for the widest range of hair types and colours, especially light coloured and fine hair.

  • Speed™ Technology: 810nm is the classic wavelength to offer deeper penetration of the hair follicle and high average power, high repetition rate, and a large  spot size for fast treatment.

  • YAG Technology: 1064nm wavelength offers the deepest penetration of the hair follicle making it an optimal solution for darker skin types

Why is Laser Hair Removal Ideal for PCOS?

  • Do More of What You Love. Hair is destroyed at the root and will never grow back, so there’s no need to worry about shaving or tweezing before leaving the house. You’re always ready to go! 

  • Comfortable Treatments. Unlike painful electrolysis, you’ll comfortably remove unwanted hair without having to let it grow out first. Laser treatments, on average, take less than 30 minutes, while electrolysis typically takes several hours, each week, to complete.

  • Medically-proven. Managing the symptoms of PCOS — including hair growth — is a delicate matter that should be done under the guidance of medical professionals to achieve your best results.


"I can't believe what a difference 1 session has made! Coming from someone who suffered from PCOS & excessive hair growth my entire life, laser with you guys has refueled my self-esteem. Thank you so much @dermacelaserclinic"
- Mona 


How does PCOS affect hair growth?

PCOS disrupts hormone levels, particularly androgens like testosterone. Elevated androgen levels can stimulate hair follicles in certain areas of the body, leading to increased hair growth, especially in areas such as the face, chest, abdomen, and back.

Is laser hair removal safe for individuals with PCOS?

Yes, laser hair removal is generally safe for individuals with PCOS. However, it's essential to consult with a qualified healthcare provider or dermatologist before undergoing treatment, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns.

How many laser hair removal sessions are needed for individuals with PCOS?

The number of laser hair removal sessions needed can vary depending on factors such as the thickness and density of the hair, the treatment area, and individual response to the treatment. Generally, 6-12 treatments spaced several weeks apart are required to achieve optimal results.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with laser hair removal for individuals with PCOS?

While laser hair removal is considered safe, temporary redness and swelling around the hair follicles is completely normal in the treatment area. Individuals with PCOS may also experience fluctuations in hair growth due to hormonal changes, which can affect the effectiveness of treatment.

Can laser hair removal be combined with other treatments for PCOS-related symptoms?

Yes, laser hair removal can be combined with other treatments for managing PCOS-related symptoms, such as hormonal therapy, topical medications, or lifestyle modifications. A comprehensive approach that addresses both hormonal imbalance and unwanted hair growth may yield the best results.

Once I've completed my laser hair removal sessions, do I need to continue maintenance treatments?

While laser hair removal can significantly reduce hair growth, it may not permanently eliminate all hair follicles. Maintenance sessions may be necessary to target any regrowth or new hair growth that occurs over time.

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