Dermace Laser Clinic offers FREE Microblading for cancer survivors all of October

Updated: Mar 13

Surviving cancer is a victory in itself. But few understand the emotional turmoil that individuals affected by cancer, experience. For many who receive this devastating diagnosis, the news may come as a complete shock. Before patients even begin to deal with medical implications that start their journey to healing and recovery, the emotional distress that they experience may leave even a greater mark on their physical and mental well-being.

Then come the treatments like chemo or radiation that although are meant to assist with restoring good health, these therapies also result in hair loss, something that emotionally affects even the strongest of us. And while putting on a wig restores some confidence, the loss of eyebrows may be a bit more challenging to deal with.

Dermace Laser Clinic specializes in modern aesthetics, focusing on enhancing the beauty and skin experience for both women and men. Their professional team offers a wide range of high quality treatments that aim to make their clients feel and look like the best version of themselves!

Microblading Artist, Simona, can confirm that when it comes to eyebrows, not only do they frame our faces but they also let us express our uniqueness - and that’s where microblading comes in!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a technique that makes use of a small tool with micro needles that are used to make delicate hair strokes on the eyebrows. As these strokes are drawn, ink/pigment is deposited under the skin to give it a realistic look that is semi-permanent and does not wash off The result is beautiful, fuller eyebrows that don't need to be drawn on every day.

It is not painful as a topical cream is applied to numb the area. The color is perfectly matched to the skin tone while the shape is thoroughly discussed and mapped out during the consultation. The healing time may take up to 2 weeks but the best part is that the results are immediate, with final results showing 4-6 weeks following treatment (may vary on skin type).

We're Giving Back

This October, Dermace Laser Clinic is running a FREE microblading program for cancer survivors. The goal is simple: restoring some hope and lifting spirits, while having one less thing to worry about.

Dermace Laser Clinic

Dermace Laser Clinic is run by a team of expert professionals and is a leading service provider in non-surgical, medical aesthetic treatments tailored to enhance the natural beauty of a broad range of clients. They use cutting edge technology that is FDA and Health Canada approved, with health and safety being their top priority.

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